10 Stylish High School Girls You Should Get To Know

If you are looking for advice on a thing or two about fashion? Check out these girls for major style inspiration!

From figure skating to blogging, these High School Girls are attempting to investigate what the world brings to the table them while they're all still in secondary school! We recorded down the coolest and most snappy young ladies to serve as style inspo for Candy Girls all over. We everything unquestionably need to watch out for these young ladies in light of the fact that we're never going to recognize what they're going to do next.

 1  Nina Pineda, Sartorially Challenged.

You can't help but fall in love with Nina's outfits. Her style varies from a simple dress to a leather jacket. You will never know what to expect! 
 2  Martine Velasco, British School Manila, Tiny Muse.
There’s more to Martine than what meets the eye. Not only is she stylish (herInstagram feed is to die for), she is also a great artist. Check the Shop Carisse newsletter over at, which she is the official editor of, to see more of her artworks. 
 3  Kim Cruz, kim cruz.
If there’s one thing we need to ask Kim, it would definitely be about her filters! Her choices of filters are always on point! The hues of her clothes always compliment the photo as well making her Instagram feed pop with color. She's also our March Days of Style blogger.
 4  Nina Alvia, Infinite Existence.
Not only is NiƱa such a stylish girl (she was our January featured fashion blogger), she along with a few of her friends created I Know Write MNL, an avenue where teen bloggers can meet and inspire one another to blog responsible and to ignite change. 
 5  & Gabbie Rodriguez and Gaby David, It's All G.

Gabbie Rodriguez and Gaby David share one blog which shows how they're both equally so chic! People may think they're sisters but they're actually both really stylish bestfriends who love to explore the world.
 7  Keanna Magracia, Cainta Catholic College.
Keanna's instagram feed will show you the best places to go and things to buy! She's definitely a budding style icon for young girls everywhere.
 8  Cess Tan, Modish Demoiselle.
Cess' style is very fun and girly which radiates the kind of personality that she has. She is such a bright ray of sunshine!  
 9  Riana Lago, British School Manila, Absolutely Savvy.
Aside from fashion and her chic OOTDs, Riana also writes about good food and her adventures around the world! Fashion, travel and food? She’s got everything, all in one blog!
 10  Emee Dy, Beacon, Emee's Mind.