10 Offensive Latino Halloween Costumes You Should Never Wear. Ever. Please, just don't.

Halloween is loaded with unnerving things — phantoms, fiends, and expensive ensembles are only a couple! In case you're the insightful sort who lean towards treats to traps, you'll choose a modest getup this Fall. Be that as it may, that doesn't imply that you can't have the coolest ensemble of the night! Look at these 70 cheap alternatives for outfits that are unpleasant, imaginative, or outright charmin

1."Tequila Pop Dude"

The costume comes with eight (eight!) shot glasses and a sombrero with the word "Tequila" on the front. Nice. And by nice, I mean, good job at reinforcing old, tired stereotypes, Party City.

2."Latin Dancer"

Ah, yes. The "Latin Dancer," aka "The Lady in the Tutti Frutti" hat, popularized by Carmen Miranda in the 1940s and '50s. Miranda got shit for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about Brazilians and other Latinos even back then, so maybe that should be a sign that it doesn't make any sense now.
3."Day of the Dead Señorita"

Día de los Muertos and Halloween aren't related in any way, and unlike the latter holiday, Day of the Dead has retained a lot of its spiritual and religious roots. In other words, for millions of people, the holiday is not just about dressing up and eating candy, and to pretend otherwise is insulting.

4."Hey Amigo Mexican"

Yes, that's what this costume is really called, and no, I'm not even going to dignify this one with an explanation of why it's offensive.

5."Sexy Shooter Girl"

It's not like Latinas aren't hyper-sexualized enough in this country, am I right?

6."Mayan Costume Adult Aztec Queen Indian Mexican Halloween Fancy Dress"

PSA: The Mayan and Aztec civilizations were two distinct cultures that covered different time periods, languages, and geographic regions.

7."Illegal Alien"

Because it's HILARIOUS to be an undocumented immigrant in this country right now. After all, everybody knows they're nothing but "rapists and criminals." /sarcasm

8."Little Amigo"

If you wouldn't let your child go out dressed as a Nazi, don't let him go trick-or-treating in this offensive costume.

9."Sexy Mariachi"

Women mariachis have long struggled to achieve mainstream acceptance in the industry, and still struggle to do so today, so reducing women who challenge the status quo down to a sexy costume isn't really funny.

10."Sexy Border Patrol Agent"

Immigration is an issue in the U.S. that affects millions of people (and not just Latinos, though the issue is often framed as a "Latino issue" in the media). Considering the inflammatory political rhetoric surrounding immigrants and immigration right now, this costume is outrageously offensive.


  1. Haha, yes - please don't ever wear any of these!

    Love Leni's Models x

  2. Stop being so hyper sensitive.
    Comparing Mexicans to Nazi's? What's your problem?

    1. And for the record, I actually am Latino and think they are hilarious.