The missing thing in the blogging world today is passion for experimenting. To do something different, the best way is to know yourself and also express the truth, because everyone is different. One of the biggest issues of a successful blog is trying to judge success by the amount of followers one has. That is clearly not a direct measure of a blog's worth.Successful blogshould not be measured by sponsors, followers or free products but by the amount of happiness it brings toboth the writer and the reader.It is good to learn about something before you start; same goes for fashion blog.Want to know how to start a fashion blog; this post will positivelywork for you. Honestly speaking, you need some guts to start a fashion blog because blogging is another name for hard work and perseverance. Don’t be scared, you really don’t need a fashion blog with a crowded and cramped niche, make it simple. The good news is that 95% of blogs out there really sucks, this is an opportunity to do something awesome and amazing; you only need some guts. Get ready to make your blog different and smart.

Following these simple steps will guide you in starting a fashion blog that is truly awesome:

Get a Domain Name and Your Own Host
Starting a blog on blogger or Tumblr will not help your blog; they are promotional tools for your main website or blog. You need your own blog hosting and domain name if you want to reallymake a business and grow a brand.This is the way most of the best sites do it.

Make sure you are Different
There is need for you to show why you are different. Unless you do something differently, you are probably going to get lost because there are millions of fashion blogs out there.

Publish the most incredible content
Once your blog is all set up, don’t just publish jargons that you type out in few minutes. Blogging is hard worklike I said earlier. It might take you more than one day to write one blog post, don`t get me wrong, you can finish your blog post within a few hoursif you make your brain work really hard.

Get Connected; Don’t Underestimate Social Media
Make lots of friends. Get connected with your readers and with other bloggers that have already gone far than you.They will give you a helping hand. It might require growing a mailing list and being active on places like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. 

Go Outside your Normal Topic
First of all your willingness to go outside of your normal topic range and try a new slant will certainly caught your readers` eyes. So try new things to get new readers.

Proofread your damn posts
Always proofread your post. Do this more than once. You can even ask someone to read it before you publish it. Once they can understand 100% of what you are saying, you are doing it right.

Be Consistent and Sincere. 
If you are consistent,your readers will stay engaged to your blog. When bloggers go weeks or months without posts,readers tend to forget about them and they are not likely to check back. The best way to keep blogging consistent is to set a blogging schedule. Post incredible stuffs on a daily or week basis depending on your strength.

Blog about what motivates you. Do not blog for the main purpose of pleasing the masses. If you are not someone who loves fashion and romance, do not blog about it. Make sure your blog is for you.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I definitely agreed with all your tips and it's nice to be reminded on how to make one's blog successful.


  2. Great post. I completely agree with your tips and that blog success is way more than having a certain amount of followers. Keep up the great work love.

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