Winter Fashion Tips and Trends- Winter (This is the time when bikinis go out of stock)

This is the time when bikinis go out of stock, the time when pretty pink dresses can no longer be worn, the time when hot tight shorts can give you a cold. Yes my friends, this brutal and hard time is known as the fall. But it doesn't have to be as hard as it always has been. This time of the year women don’t seem to look attractive enough because of all the layers of clothes they wear, but this blog will tell you what to do to make you look hot even in the cold.

The first and most important thing you need to know in order to be the best you can be is to know how to layer your clothes. A sweater over a turtle neck, under a jacket, under a coat, for example, will definitely keep you warm and hot. There are times in the winter when the cold gets unbearable, and no matter what you have in the wardrobe for daily use, the cold is unmatched. Don’t worry, you can fight that too. There is a way to layer your clothes so that no one will noticed. For example, you can throw a pair of tights or sheer stockings under a pair of ripped jeans or even layer a form-fitting sweater over a long-sleeves T-shirt to win the battle against the cold.

The next thing to know is that even though you need to cover up your shoes, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can only do that with the rugged rough long shoes that are too messy. If you have a pair of long boots that go over the knee, just pair them up with a short dress and there you go, beauty guaranteed. Some cuffed jeans or a dress can go really nicely with your ankle boots.

Another thing you need to know is that the coats you have are not as useless as you might think, all they need is a new look. And I don’t mean getting them washed or something. Just a little touch will do wonders for your look. Belting your coat will definitely bring out a new and better look. Many celebrities are just using this belting the coat technique to give new lives to their coats and old coats that were hated are now being the center of attention.

A lot of people are unknown to this tip but you should know this, that scarves can be worn in more ways than just around the neck. Try out new looks and new ways in the winter as this is the first thing people will notice about you when they lay their eyes on you. Tie it around your head, or belted on top of a jacket, or even tied in a knot around the shoulders.

I know how many women just feel the need to give up their fashion desires in the winter because let’s face it, the cold is rough. But this fashion blog for women will definitely help them in their fight against the winter. 

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration!! :) It makes me pretty excited to layer up for the cooler season.