Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 1
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The term sexy would be an understatement to describe the combination of lingerie-esque pieces Tisci and his design team crafted for this inaugural New York bout. The opening looks were camisoles and blouses of super-intricate lace and silk blends paired with what looked to be a heavier tuxedo-style pant with trailing silk ties. One of my favorite models, Lineisy Montero, donned the first all-black look that looked like it was ready for the bedroom or perhaps the boardroom if styled with the appropriate blazer.
Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 6
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Follow-on dresses borrowed from the boudoir, but nothing felt overly risqué. Paired with the right accessories and cover-ups where necessary, these night-time pieces become cocktail dresses for an edgy art exhibit, Met Gala after-party ensembles, or in the case of one look, a daring take on an engagement party gown.
Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 8
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The inclusion of male models in womenswear shows seems like a trend that won’t stop and to be honest, it works from a storytelling perspective. The men were dressed quite simply in all-black or all-white suiting and appeared in unison with their female counterparts; some even wore sheer dress shirts with lace detailing.
Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 13Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 14
Towards the latter half of the show, Tisci showed dramatic headpieces, studded piercings, and more sculptural designs that certainly appeared more haute couture than ready-to-wear. I’m pretty sure Bey has already earmarked a few of those gowns to be transformed into one-piece leotards soon enough.
Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 15
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Overall, the collection showed tremendous stretch from a technical perspective and it took the audience on a journey celebrating the sheer beauty of woman in all of her vulnerability and strength, a touching tribute in light of 9/11. For me and for the 820+ fans who witnessed live in-person, Tisci certainly has become the people’s choice.
Givenchy Spring 2016 RTW - 19
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